What is the BuddySystem?

The BuddySystem is a program promoted by ESN Piemonte Orientale by which incoming exchange students are matched with students of the University of Piemonte Orientale. The purpose of the Buddy program is not only to assist exchange students with practical matters regarding their settlement in the new country. It mainly aims at facilitating integration in the Italian academic life and the Italian student community.

The Buddy program is a great opportunity to make new friends from other parts of the world and to create long lasting intercultural friendships! In the framework of the program, the Buddy gets the opportunity to practice a foreign language, get acquainted with different cultures, develop his/her social skills; the buddy also gets the chance to participate to sponsored social events to meet his/her fellow Buddies and to participate to the exclusive ESN Piemonte Orientale events.

Who is the Buddy?                                                                                                            

Buddies are students from UPO, who sign up to provide a support to a foreign student. The candidate profiles of Buddy students are many: previous exchange students willing to continue the international experience they had while abroad are natural candidates, but also other Italian students who are currently contemplating the idea of applying for an exchange program or simply curious about international life! 


How can a Buddy help me? 

The buddy carries out a very important piece of work in connection with the integration of the international students at UPO University. In fact, by participating to the program, each international student will have the chance to get to know the Italian culture and its life-style. 

Think for example at bus lines, where to find cheap prices in supermarkets, addresses of each faculty and how to get there, party places, nearby locations to visit and many other practical matters such as registration with local authorities, banks, etc..

How can I join BuddySystem?

If you want to get your buddy, click on the following link to request your Italian friend! BuddySystem

If you have doubts or questions send us an email to piemonte_orientale@esn.it